Spending Time with Grandkids Can Extend Your Life

According to a new study, grandparents who spend time with their grandchildren live significantly longer lives. Not only does that mean your kids can spend more time with grandma and grandpa, but your mom and dad can reap the benefits of having them around – in more ways than one!

The study used previously recorded information that analyzed 20 years’ worth of data from 500 seniors aged 70 years and older. Those who provided some form of care to their grandkids had a 37 percent lower death ratio than those who did not provide any care at all. Tadacip http://valleyofthesunpharmacy.com/tadacip/

“There is a link between providing this care and reducing stress and we know the relationship between stress and higher risk of dying,” said Dr. Ronan Factora, a Geriatric Medicine specialist. “If providing care to grandchildren and others in need is one way that can actually reduce stress, then these activities should be of benefit to folks who are grandparents and provide this care to their grandkids.”

The study also notes that the benefits of spending time and caring for grandchildren are also relevant to seniors who provide caregiving to children who are not related to them by blood.

Health Benefits of Being a Grandparent

Improves Cognitive Skills

The benefits extend beyond relieving stress. Spending the right amount of time with grandchildren can also sharpen cognitive skills. Researchers in Austria studied 120 grandmothers and found those who cared for their grandkids one day per week scored higher on memory and similar mental tests.

Helps to Stay Active

Not only do grandkids keep their grandparents’ brains sharp, spending time with them also helps them stay active. From taking a walk around the neighbourhood to playing with then in the yard, 58% of seniors who take care of their grandkids say they participate in physical activities more so than when their grandchildren aren’t around. Viagra generic http://kendallpharmacy.com/viagra.html

Lowers Risk of Depression

The benefits of grand-parenting continues long after the grandkids have grown up. Researchers found that seniors who have good relationships with their adult grandkids have fewer symptoms of depression and the more emotional support the grandchildren received from their grandparents as adults, the better their mental health.

With so many incredible health benefits, next time you visit your elderly loved ones, consider bringing your child along with you. You never know what kind of healing it will provide! Do you kids have a special activity they like to do with grandma and grandpa? Share them with us in the comments!

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