Nurse Case Management for ALL our Services

nurse case managementWith Nurse-Managed Home Care, your questions and challenges are always answered by a caring professional!

Case Managers at Retire-At-Home are Nurse professionals dedicated to ensuring you are connected to the health care community. An individualized assessment will take place in order to determine how to best manage and address your health care needs.

You will also receive regular meetings with our Nurse Case Manager at no additional charge. Our goal is to assess the efficacy of the services you are receiving, verify that you are making maximum use of subsidies and benefits, and give you the attention you need in order to get the best care.

Your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing are immensely important to our team at Retire-At-Home. We emphasize personalized care and value determining how each and every individual can benefit from the services that we offer. We recognize that needs can change, and we endeavor to always ensure that we have the right information to anticipate those changes before they have a negative effect on your care.

Your comfort is our highest priority, and we ensure that compassion and dedication are a part of each and every interaction!

Case Management Services include the following at no additional charge when you receive regular home care service:
  • Crafting of a customized care plan based on thorough and detailed in-home assessments and consultations that ensure we understand your needs and challenges.
  • Scheduling of regular visits to ensure that your safety and satisfaction are guaranteed. Maintaining awareness and ensuring we are informed of any changes you may be experiencing in order to anticipate your evolving needs the right way.
  • Consideration of your personal preferences, budget, and overall care requirements as we design your customized care plan. We create a plan that is flexible enough to account for future changes as needed.
  • Advocacy on your behalf as you deal with various aspects of the health care system to ensure the best result.
  • Regular communication with the necessary health care professionals to foster seamless care and ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Scheduling and delivery of necessary medical supplies and equipment. We manage this complicated process for you to ensure everything stays on track at all times.
  • Coordination with other necessary services that contribute to your overall home environment and health care needs.
  • Maintain open channels of communication with your family to ensure that all parties are informed when necessary.
  • 24-hour on-call support for your convenience. Whether it be an emergency or a question about your care, we are always here to help.

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