When you think about ridesharing apps, senior transportation may not immediately come to mind. Instead, you may consider commuters, middle-aged businesspersons on their way to the airport, or the urban millennials who use them in place of owning a vehicle. What you may not have considered is how widely-used these ridesharing apps have become in the world of senior transportation.

Before the dawn of our app culture, seniors who could no longer drive due to poor eyesight, dementia, or other unfortunate circumstances used to rely on public transportation, in addition to having dedicated shuttle services to transport them en masse to pre-determined destinations. The problems with these options are that the public alternatives mean that aging citizens would be traveling without a companion – a risky solution for those who need to be accompanied ­– and the shuttles take away the independent nature of being able to go wherever they wanted and at any time.

Today, ridesharing apps are challenging these outdated senior transportation methods and are giving seniors a chance to take back a little of their self-sufficiency, without having to sacrifice their safety or pride.

While only offered regionally, there are some benefits that these ridesharing apps provide when it comes to senior transportation.

Uber Has Segmented Its Service with UberAssist

Uber is the pioneer in ridesharing app technology and has dramatically altered how seniors get from A to B. Seniors use the app to get groceries, make appointments, or enjoy a leisurely drive around their city; a mutually profitable experience for both the driver and passenger. A segment of their service, UberAssist, provides the same experience, along with a helping hand. UberAssist allows passengers to store their wheelchairs, walkers, or other equipment in the vehicle, while drivers provide physical assistance, if necessary.

Lyft Accommodates Your Furry Companions

Lyft provides a similar service to Uber; however, seniors can also schedule accessible vehicles in advance through the “Access” mode in the app’s settings. Riders can also benefit from Lyft’s policy of always accepting service animals, no matter whether the driver is allergic to or frightened by the companion.

Carpool Apps Remove the Need for Pricey Fares

Carpooling has always been a trend among commuters, but thanks to the Internet and ridesharing apps, finding a driver and travel companion is simple for seniors. Waze is an app that provides real-time navigation for drivers but also offers a carpool option. Kangaride and Carpool World are two online platforms that also connect local riders to drivers, saving everyone time and money, while also creating a social connection among commuting strangers.

The way our world is progressing, it won’t be long before seniors worldwide learn about the advantages of using ridesharing apps. Most of these platforms are only available in certain cities, so be sure to check if there are ridesharing options in your area.

If you know someone who is sixty-five or older and has used a ridesharing app, let us know about their experience with the tool.

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