Hospital Discharge & Post Operative Care

hospital discharge post operative careWhen the time comes to return home there is a lot to prepare. We can help make the transition comfortable with all the services you need!

Returning home after time spent in the hospital, whether short or long term, is something to celebrate, but it can also be accompanied with thoughts, worries, and questions regarding what will happen once you are home again. For over two decades Retire-At-Home has provided Hospital Discharge Services and Post Operative Care and that can help you or your loved one transition comfortably back home.

We can take responsibility for ordering and collecting medications, booking doctor’s assignments, managing your at-home recovery, coordinating transportation and an array of other tasks. Our Nurse Case Managers can provide guidance as you attempt to determine exactly what services you will require upon returning home. Let us help you take the worry out of your transition from the hospital.

Our Hospital Discharge Services and Post Operative Care includes the following:
  • Case Management Services including in-hospital assessment by an experienced Nurse Case Manager
  • Attendance at discharge planning meeting
  • Visit to your home prior to discharge to ensure your home is properly prepared
  • Coordination and delivery of Home Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Arrangement of your transportation home
  • Personal Care Services and/or Home Support Services
  • Overnight Care and Supervision
  • 24-hour on-call support for questions and urgent matters
  • Immediate response for additional care
  • Communication with other health care professionals on your case

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