Home Care Financing

home care financingPaying for your Health Care Services has never been easier!

The development of technological and medical advancements has resulted in longer lifespans for Canadians than ever before. The aging process, however, creates the requirement for more and more services, some of which, such as home care, are not covered by the government. Costs for these services can add up, especially under circumstances in which you were unprepared for the cost, or when you suddenly have to fill and unplanned need. Retire-At-Home has sourced a unique financing program through a Schedule 1 lender that aids seniors in paying for the services they require to allow them to stay in their homes. Home equity is a solid option to cover the costs associated with unsubsidized health care. If you own your house, you can access the equity to cover your costs while maintaining the comfort of being at home.

The benefits of this financing program include:
  • Receiving regular planned advances that can cover the cost of your home care.
  • Maintaining full ownership of your home.
  • No payments of interest or principal are required as long as you own your home
  • The loan only becomes due upon the owner’s passing, when the home is sold or when the owner moves out.
  • Earlier payment options are available

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