The holiday season is here again, which can mean struggling to find the perfect gift for your ageing parents or friends — many of whom seem to have everything they need. We shared some exciting tech gift ideas a little while ago. This time, we’ll cover gifts across a wide variety of price points. If you’re in need of a gift idea for someone in assisted living, you’ve come to the right place.

Cozy robe

Nothing feels quite as good as wrapping yourself in a cozy robe on a cold day. Robes are easy to fit, come in lots of styles and patterns, and can be personalized to suit your loved one. Also, research shows that feeling cozy has health benefits.

Comfortable non-slip slippers

Slippers make excellent holiday gifts for seniors, just make sure they come with non-slip soles. Some even come with supportive insoles or other health and wellness benefits.

Digital photo frame

Digital photo frames have come down in price in recent years, making them great gifts for seniors — particularly those living farther away from their loved ones. Looking at photos of loved ones can help reduce stress and boost immune systems. Make sure to preload some of their favourite photos onto the frame and update it with them throughout the year.

Gift card for hair salon or barbershop

Everyone loves being pampered. Find out where they like to get their hair done or their beard trimmed and pick up a gift card for them to use on their next visit. If you’re feeling generous, add some money for other services like manicures or a scalp massage.


Do you have a bibliophile on your list? Share the gift of reading by giving them an e-reader. These devices come in many styles, and all include the ability to increase the font size and brightness, making it easier for seniors to read. Some models can also read digital books aloud, include additional content, or can also store audiobooks.

Adult colouring books

Help someone rediscover the simple joy of colouring. Adult colouring books come in styles ranging from abstract patterns to nature scenes and pop culture. There’s something for everyone. Pick up a few kids colouring books as well for an easy activity to share with the grandkids.

Scheduled day trips with you

Particularly for seniors living on their own or in an assisted-living facility, the best gift is often the gift of time spent with you. Plan a couple day trips to nearby places like the zoo, a museum, the park, or even the mall. Not only will they get to spend time with you, but they can enjoy the anticipation.


What gifts for seniors are you giving this holiday season?  Are there any gift ideas you’d add to our holiday gift guide? Share your thoughts in the comments below.