Stroke Recovery Care

stroke recovery careA Stroke can affect your loved-one in more ways than you think.  Its important to ensure the right forms of care are in place.

Strokes are one of the leading causes of disability for seniors. A stroke can diminish quality of life and often has a substantial impact on capability to perform daily activities. If your loved-one has suffered a stroke, help from a caregiver can be beneficial and/or necessary. At Retire-At-Home, we know how overwhelming caring for a loved-one can be following a stroke, and how easy it is to feel unprepared for the level of care that is required. For this reason, our highly trained and experienced caregivers are on call 24/7 to ensure your loved-one can receive the care they need and deserve all the time. Whether it be emergency monitoring at the hospital, assistance during recovery, or simply a companion, you can depend on Retire-At-Home to deliver reliable and compassionate care to ensure a safe and comfortable environment.

Personalized Care During the Rehabilitation Period

Retire-At-Home offers a personalized home care program that assists patients during the vital rehabilitation period following a stroke. Our caregivers partner with your loved one’s medical team, providing medication reminders, accompaniment to appointments, transportation, and communication. In addition to medical care, our caregivers will also help complete errands, housekeeping, and cooking for your loved one. From assisting with mobility, walking and personal care, to supporting behaviours such as speaking and eating, our caregivers are dedicated to helping your loved-one regain basic skills that may have been affected by the stroke, all while treating them with the utmost dignity and respect.

Our Stroke Recovery Care, and Care for those with Heart Disease, includes any the following:
  • Case Management Services including assessment by an experienced Nurse Case Manager
  • Attendance at discharge planning meeting if in hospital
  • Personal Care Services
  • Home Support and Housekeeping
  • Companion Care Services
  • Overnight Care and Supervision
  • 24-hour on-call support for questions and urgent matters
  • Immediate response for additional care
  • Communication with other health care professionals on your case

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