Free In-Home Nurse Consultation!

free nurse consultation home careDiscuss your Home Care options with a free, in-home Nurse Consultation!

Its come time to make some decisions for you or a loved one about getting some help for your medical or

personal needs. Knowing what to look for, how home care services work, and understanding how they will improve your life is a big challenge.

At all our Retire-At-Home offices around Canada, we always provide a Free Consultation with one of our Nurse Case Managers. The purpose of this meeting is to provide the information you need to explore your home care options, and for us to gather the correct information we need to develop a customized plan of care that you can review.

The Nurse Consultation can be scheduled at almost any time you choose, and we will come visit you whether you live in your home, are currently in the hospital, or if you live in a retirement home.

What do we talk about during the Free Consultation?

The free consultation is usually about an hour in length, but there is no set time limit and you are not charged for longer meetings. Our Nurse will take the time to get to know you and all aspects of your health and home so that a personalized care plan is scheduled that meets your medical needs, personal preferences, and monthly budget. It is important to have an open conversation with the nurse throughout this meeting to ensure we understand the whole situation and can truly customize the right plan for you.

When can I book this Consultation with the Nurse?

We can schedule your consultation as soon as possible! If your need for care is urgent, we can often perform the consultation within a few hours. We can typically start providing your care in less than 24 hours, and often times start on the same day if its required.

If you are not in an urgent situation or simply planning ahead, we can schedule the consultation at your convenience, days or weeks in advance. Perhaps you would like to book it when there is family in from out of town. We will work with you to find the most suitable time.

Evening and weekend consultations are also possible. We will do our best to meet you, even outside of normal business hours.

During the Nurse Consultation, we will discuss the following topics:
  • Your personal information and emergency contacts.
  • Your medical history, current medical needs, medications and treatments.
  • Your home environment so that your home support needs and safety are dealt with properly.
  • Your personal wishes about the type of service you want (i.e. days of the week, personality of the caregiver, etc.).
  • Your monthly budget and the costs of the recommended or needed services.
  • Possible subsidies that may be available.
  • Possible start times and dates of the service.

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