The holiday season isn’t always easy when you have diabetes. With all the holiday treats around, it can be hard to manage your sugar intake the way you should. Even if you’re not diabetic yourself, chances are good that someone you know is: Every three minutes, another Canadian is diagnosed with diabetes. Celebrate the season with these three tasty diabetic-friendly holiday treats. Who says sugar-free baking has to be boring?

Sugar-Free Christmas Cookies

These cookies use a sugar substitute to achieve that classic sugar cookie taste you crave from sugar-free baking. They are perfect for rolling and cutting into all your favourite holiday shapes, making them an ideal recipe to make with the grandkids. The recipe yields two dozen cookies and can easily be doubled for larger batches.

Diabetic-Friendly Gingerbread Men

Everyone loves making (and decorating) gingerbread men during the holidays. Let everyone enjoy this seasonal treat by making them sugar-free. This recipe makes 30 four-inch gingerbread men. You can also use this recipe to create pieces for a gingerbread house.

Reduced-Sugar Christmas Cake

Christmas cake is a polarizing dessert, but if you’re a fan, it likely isn’t Christmas without it on the menu. This version replaces the refined sugar with the natural sweetness of apple juice and sultana raisins. There’s no such thing as a sugar-free Christmas cake, so be mindful of your serving size if you are diabetic.

There are lots of other recipes out there for great diabetic-friendly holiday treats. Of course, reducing your sugar intake is only one part of a healthy lifestyle. For tips on other ways to eat healthier, check out this post on nutritional guidelines and healthy eating for seniors.


What are your favourite diabetic-friendly holiday treats? How have you made the transition to sugar-free baking? Share your thoughts in the comments below.